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Hi there, my name is Sonilda!

I am a creative, multidisciplinary artist highly experienced in visual storytelling through brand, graphic design, illustration and animation. I believe in flexible hours, passionate teams and individuals, creative and joyful work environments, with opportunities to learn and grow while doing exceptional work that changes lives. I am very passionate about everything creative and I absolutely love what I do! Need an expert guide to lead you through your next creative adventure? Let's have a chat!


My Graphic Design experience encompasses visual brand and logo, web and print design. Telling stories through Illustrations has been an integral part of my life for a long time, including children and adult stories, books and book covers, comic books and graphic novels. 2D Animation has been a longstanding passion of mine and I occasionally enjoy exploring its depths and breathing life into my sketched cast of characters.
In my spare time I supplement my creative adventures with my skills in Photography, Visual Art, Fashion Design, Set and Costume Design and Handcrafted goods.

I’m high-spirited and I enjoy every moment of my life. I incorporate professionalism, knowledge and experience into every aspect of my work. When I’m not creating, I read philosophy and graphic novels, go for inspiring walks, and play co-op videogames with my husband.
My creativity is my voice. I communicate through colors, typography, images, and characters.

Oh… and before you leave, chasing your next intriguing adventure, feel free to click the follow button or have a taste of our house brand, freshly made, hand crafted goods at The Mills’ Mill (coming soon).

‘Till next time… take care.

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